Survey C101 Spring 2001

At the end of the 2001 spring semester, I asked C101 students to take a survey regarding their views on the C101 website. The survey was supposed to be anonymous, nevertheless a few students chose to put their names on the returned questionnaire. Below are the results (numbers are percentages). - Prof. De Leon

Survey Question
 A lot  Somewhat  A little  Not at all
1. Did you use the website?  54 46    
2. Did you find the website useful? 100       
3. Did the material on the website match the class lecture material?  96 4    
4. Was the material on the website well arranged and easy to locate? 79  13   
5. Did you print out the material in the website? 92     
6. Did you use the exam generator? 92     
7. Did you find the exam generator useful? 79  21    
8. Did you have a chance to use the periodic table in the website?  33 13  46 
9. Did you use the interactivity in the website?  33 13  17  37 
10. Did the website help you in class?  88  10  

 Survey Question

 Selected Written Responses
 What did you like most about the website? "It helped me get an idea about the questions that would be asked"
"The fact that our teacher took time to construct the website to help out students. Many teachers don't."
"I liked it because the notes followed the lecture and the exam generator because it gave us an idea of what the exam would be like."
"The exam generator."
"The way the material was explained. It was much more condensed and easy to understand."
"It was a way to get notes if you couldn't make it to class."
"Chemistry is best explained by practicing it & the exam generator helped me a lot."
"How you would tell me to have a nice big cup of coffee."
"When I did use it I thought it was quite useful."
"It was very useful in studying tests."
"I liked the notes and on-line test, it helped me understand more."
"The sample quiz and notes."
"Easy to use, very helpful"
"It made things easier to practice."
"It was nice to look up and verify information w/o being in class I was able to clarify information."
"It helped me pass most of the tests."
"most of the material was the same as the exams and quizzes."
"The way the questions were arranged."
 What did you like least about the website? "hard to understand subscripts"
"Sometimes things were not accessible."
"There wasn't a quiz for chapters 9 and 11."
"Notes could have gone into more detail."
"All the chapters weren't put up yet and all the bugs aren't worked out yet."
"Notes for gas law chapter."
"I wish there had been solutions to the exam generator."
"The mistakes confused me."
 Is there anything you would change about the website? "Make it a little bit easier and lessen the Q's [questions]."
"I would make sure the answers to the exam generator were correct"
"I honestly can't think of anything."
"Probably just adding the chapter numbers to each subject."
"I would put a sample final with answers."
"If you got something wrong on the exam generator, it should give you the right answer."
"Go easy with the color ... your killing my printer! Just kidding :)"
 If you could add any feature to the website, what would they be? "More examples on some of the sections."
"Exams?, I know this would be hard because everyone would try and cheat probably."
"Electron configurations"
"Just all the chapters and exams"
"Examples on how to do the problems in the chapter."
"More questions to generate on the exam."
"A lot more notes."

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